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I'm a full stack creative

I'm a Danish 'Pixel Picasso' with more than 12 years experience conceptualizing, refining and crafting digital experiences.

I have helped both small start-ups like and larger orgnizations such as Danske Spil and Novo Nordisk expand their capacity for user centric impact.

I'm passionate about crafting intuitive and meaningful user experiences and I apply design thinking principles whenever possible. I love building design around a brand, enveloping it in a memorable graphical universe where the user can feel safe and inspired.

some of my creative skills

UX design

Throughout my career, I've crafted a plethora of flowcharts, empathy maps, wireframes, prototypes of varying fidelity, and paper pretotypes. Alongside these, I've spearheaded numerous interviews, facilitated focus groups, conducted A/B tests and surveys, and orchestrated productive brainstorming sessions.

Digital design

I've been involved in digital design since my pimple-faced teenage years, starting at 16, and stayed hooked ever since! I've honed my skills in app and web UI design, but I've also crafted tons of logos, SoMe banners, vector illustrations, and various print media.

Software / tools

I'm constantly diving into a pool of software on the daily. Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Excalidraw, Survey Monkey, Google Analytics, and Google Lighthouse are my trusted companions, always at arm's reach for my daily digital adventures!

Web development

I have quite a few years of experience mastering the art of SEO and coding languages like CSS/SCSS, HTML5, Bootstrap, and Tailwind CSS. When it comes to content management systems (CMS), I've been immersed in platforms like Wordpress, SiteCore, and Umbraco. Wordpress holds a special place in my toolkit, which I have used to build 10+ websites and webshops.

Organisational skills

I possess the ability to prioritize, plan, coordinate, and streamline workflows in a structured and systematic manner. Thriving in agile work environments, I've collaborated within numerous cross-functional teams. My high level of self-organization aligns well with utilizing SCRUM methodology, aiding in keeping tasks and ideas well-ordered and on track.


I speak and write both Danish and English fluently.

AI / prompting

I frequently employ various types of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, DALL-E 3, and Photoshop AI Generative Fill to seek inspiration and enhance efficiency in my work processes.

While working at KOBAJ, we got 2nd place
at E-handelsprisen 2021 and 2022 for

When I am not creating kick ass designs and remembering names, I am enjoying a round of golf with my dad and brother or taking my daughter, girlfriend and dog for a long walk in the woods. The gang out on Hornbæk beach I also love keeping a lush vegetable garden and growing healthy greens in my garden in Ålsgårde, Denmark.