A mix of small and big digital design projects

I've been immersed in digital design since I was a pimple-face 16-year-old, stumbling upon Photoshop. Once I got a glimpse of its creative possibilities, I was completely captivated! was a pet project of mine — a webshop offering posters in various shapes and sizes. I handled all the design work and constructed the webshop using Wordpress.

Here are a few of the +120 poster designs that were available at I created all of them using a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop.

EXP was a brand new concept that was born during the e-sports boom in Denmark. I helped strengthen the concept, developing the brand identity, and crafting all the user interface elements. Upon completion, I constructed the entire application as a high-fidelity clickable prototype using InVision.

Danvikar Denmark's oldest temp agency, required a complete overhaul of their website. I played a key role in both designing and constructing the new site, ensuring it retained its longstanding essence and spirit.

Huumanz is an innovative startup aiming to revolutionize the temp hiring process, facilitating a seamless digital platform for quick and efficient connections between workers and businesses.

My responsibility was to develop a functional prototype of the concept and continuously conduct user testing at every stage. I created all user journeys, empathy maps, and the user interface (UI), employing design thinking principles throughout the process.

I helped in executing a comprehensive redesign of their co-buying platform by implementing user-centric features, employing design thinking principles throughout the process. Additionally, I crafted a new graphical universe, incorporating vector-based illustrations to bolster and align with the brand's identity.

Muremester Nicki Weber required a website for his company but lacked the expertise in design and development. I took charge of the design process and built the website using Wordpress. Additionally, we collaborated on implementing user-friendly features to help new customers better understand the company's offerings and processes.

While working at OMI, I helped develop a wide range of GDN banners for ATEA, BabySam, Citroen, Apple and many others. Here are a few examples of my work.

A few examples of poster designs for Rudersdal Kommune's anual Hop & Rock Festival.